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MP3s: Animal Romp & Stomp - Full Album Download | Music & Movement | Physical Activities


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Early childhood physical activities | Toddler, preschool, child care songs for music and movement | Distance learning | Virtual learning | Brain breaks | Young children romp and stomp to easy, instructional lyrics that introduce them to a variety of animals using crazy MOVES and wacky sound EFFECTS. | STEM Learning - Life Science - Living Things. | Children waddle like penguins, stomp like elephants, wiggle like fish, jump like kangaroos, rattle like snakes, freeze like polar bears, gallop with horses, and more – all to traditional and unique versions of kid’s favorite songs and lullabies. Whether assisted by adults or acting independently, kids get so excited about expressing their WILD side that they don’t realize how much they’re learning about animals.  

MP3s: Animal Romp & Stomp - Send Full Album | Music & Movement

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