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MP3s: Muévete y Aprende: Spanish Music & Movement | Full Album Download | Physical activities for Young Children


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Spanish songs for moving and learning |  Music and movement for toddlers and preschoolers | Distance learning | Virtual learning | Brain breaks | A playful collection of Spanish songs that combine physical activity with learning. Young children extend patterns, name body parts, discover opposites, experience prepositions, incorporate simple props, and move rhythmically. Action-packed songs encourage fine and gross motor practice, promote language development, and develop listening skills.

These are physical musical activities for distance learning at home, child care facilities, after school programs, preschools, day care centers, kindergarten classes, or rainy day recesses. This is your go-to source to help give the brain a break during training by introducing physical activity breaks for online classes, early childhood conferences and training, workshops, or webinars.

MP3s: Muévete y Aprende | Send Full Album | Spanish Music & Movement CD

SKU: MYA - Digital MP3 Files
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