Tip #5 – Color Check: Things I Learned Self-Publishing on KDP

In case you missed my previous posts, I am sharing what I’ve learned as I move forward in the self-publishing process using Amazon's KDP. I don’t claim to have all of the answers, so chime in if you would like to add your expertise.

#5 - Order a printed proof to color check your book. All whites are not created equal. There are about 30,000 different shades of white. If your artwork has a white background, and you use that artwork to build your interior pages, you may receive printed white pages with one white standing out from the other (looking more gray than white). The reader will see the difference. If you are using artwork with a white background that doesn't extend to the edge of each page, your pages might look like they are framed by a different shade of white. Also, the colors in your book may not be uniform from page-to-page. Since my book, "When You Find Colors and Shapes," is a book about, well…. colors and shapes, it was very important for the colors to be as true as possible. If the children are looking for a blue rectangle, there needs to be a true blue rectangle somewhere on the page.

Every yellow shape in my book is CMYK 0-0-100-0, yet the first printed proof I received from KDP displayed some yellows with green tones. The tan on the cover was perfect, but on the interior pages, the tan appeared to be a soft peach. Indoors my blue looked dark purple, but out in the sun it looked great. The cover displayed a different blue than on the interior pages. I had to adjust the colors on both my cover and the interior pages, then order 3 different printed proofs before I locked in which colors worked best. With KDP, CMYK colors will print best, but you can also use RGB colors.

Additionally, you can follow this simple guide: Natural daylight shows the truest color. Incandescent lighting brings out warm tones and yellows. Fluorescent lighting casts a sharp blue tone. Test your colors both indoors and outside, but remember, most books are read inside classrooms, libraries, homes, etc.

Did you know you can publish your book on Amazon KDP in as fast as a week for no money down? Whether you are just starting to write a book or you’ve finished one and have no idea where to turn, this book will help you get your book launched into the market. For more information about self-publishing using Amazon KDP, check out this book: How to Self-Publish a Children's Picture Book using Amazon KDP (an Overview), ISBN 13: 978-0-9987090-4-8.

Angela Russ is a mom-preneur, children’s author, trainer on the subject of early childhood, and award-winning artist/producer of music for young children. She presents educational strategies to child care providers, parents, and teachers nationwide for AEYCs, R & Rs, and the like. She is a voting member of the Recording Academy and is the sole owner of the Russ InVision record label. For more information on Angela, her workshops and accomplishments you are welcome to visit www.abridgeclub.com. © 2019, Russ InVision. All rights reserved.

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