Tip # 12 - Book Size: Things I Learned Self-Publishing on KDP

#12 - Things I Learned When Self-Publishing My Picture Book with Amazon's KDP – Size Options

Both of my books were printed by an independent publisher size 9” x 10” landscape, but KDP doesn’t print books that size. Their books are printed portrait or square. Although KDP offers a good selection of sizes, I had to adjust my picture books so they could be printed on demand through KDP. Rather than have the book illustrated again, I placed a colorful border along the top and bottom of each page spread to make the rectangle books square. The artwork was already very colorful, so I chose a coordinating color from each page, and alternated the same four colors throughout the book.

Look inside and see what I'm talking about: “We Love the Company: A Story About Table Manners.

Did you know you can publish your book on Amazon KDP in as fast as a week for no money down? Whether you are just starting to write a book or you’ve finished one and have no idea where to turn, this book will help you get your book launched into the market. For more information about self-publishing using Amazon KDP, check out this book: How to Self-Publish a Children's Picture Book using Amazon KDP (an Overview), ISBN 13: 978-0-9987090-4-8.

Angela Russ is a mom-preneur, children’s author, trainer on the subject of early childhood, and award-winning artist/producer of music for young children. She presents educational strategies to child care providers, parents, and teachers nationwide for AEYCs, R & Rs, and the like. She is a voting member of the Recording Academy and is the sole owner of the Russ InVision record label. For more information on Angela, her workshops and accomplishments you are welcome to visit www.abridgeclub.com. © 2019, Russ InVision. All rights reserved.

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