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Early math for toddlers involves making interesting discoveries through play and exploration. Many adults are intimidated by math, but early math is fun and easy to demonstrate to young children. With movement, children gain an understanding of counting and number sense, shapes, space, positions, direction, patterns, sizes, pathways, weight, speed, and much more. What better way to practice these concepts than using fun-filled lyrics and motor skills that engage the brain and the body? Build on their natural curiosity and create experiences that promote learning. Adult-assisted or independent play.

This CD offers many ways to introduce early math to young children with verbal cues that are easy to interpret. Encourage children to think and make connections between the movement, objects, and their playful activities. Get creative! 


  • Take the children on a single file jumping and marching excursion with the "The Shape Train" song. Point shapes out in their surroundings. Or, identify and toss foam, plastic, or paper shapes onto the parachute they hold. 

  • "Can You Move Like I Do" offers a rhythmic pattern of patting knees, clapping, tapping feet, and patting your the head, then children can pick their own move.

  • "What Can We Shake?" Well, we can shake our hands, feet, shoulders, and hips. We can move them up and down, high and low - great directional terms. 

  • "Sitting on One Seat" explores the difference between numbers one and two, using our bodies – sit on one seat, pat two knees, nod one head, clap two hands, and stomp two feet. What else can we do with our body parts? 

  • Lines and pathways are a wonderful mathematical experience. “Go Straight” takes children moving along real or imaginary pathways: straight, curve, arc, down the diagonal, circle, and zig-zag. Use rope, lines, tape, chalk, or natural pathways so children can see the pathways along which to move.


That's just a sample of the 21 songs and activities from which to choose. Have a go and have a great time doing it! Quick tips can be found on the back cover of the CD, and complete lyrics are on the publisher’s website. 

Format: CD - Music

UPC: 698731-00075-0

For 3 through 6
Approx. running time: 44 min.