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Angela Russ-Ayon is an early childhood consultant and children's author with over 16 years’ experience promoting the creative design and integration of music, movement, and early childhood education in the home and in educational settings. Her interactive presentations focus on improving academic readiness skills and motor development in young children.


Sharing her expert knowledge of brain-based learning strategies, research, and approaches to early STEM concepts, she promotes enriched experiences that can be explored throughout the day to help children lay strong academic foundations. She is a natural wizard at boosting the level of creativity in educators, childcare providers, and parents by engaging them in activities presented from an adult learner's perspective - validating the capabilities of the developing child. Attendees walk away encouraged to expand on existing lessons using interactive methodology to improve cognitive skills, direct attention to task, and develop creative ways to make content strands concrete.



Buoyed by a desire to share her experiences and discoveries in early childhood development, Angela has authored multiple children’s picture books and a 180-page Chalk It Up! resource book, produced 18 early childhood CDs, and developed both a card and board game promoted and endorsed by the Produce for Better Health Foundation More Matters team. She has also produced children’s music for successful early childhood projects sponsored and funded by Kaiser, First 5, Early Head Start, Head Start, WIC, CA Dept. of Ed. SHINE, SNAP-ED, Champions for Change, and Fisher-Price. In addition, her music and books are licensed by Pearson Publishing, the SPARK EC PE Program, and select titles are used in Head Start's national “I am Moving. I am Learning.” (IMIL) active children campaign for the prevention of childhood obesity.


As a children's music producer, Angela is well-respected in the industry and is a voting member of the Recording Academy. Her company boasts over 1.7 million in sales since its inception. She has been presented with four literary awards, has received nine early childhood music awards of excellence, and her music is represented by school suppliers nationwide. - Angela Russ-Ayon -IMG_8



Attendees from over 450 organizations have benefited from Angela's interactive early childhood training over the past 19 years, including those at AEYC’s, NAEYC, NAFCC, Early Head Start, Head Start, First 5, RMECC, Teacher's Associations, Resource and Referral agencies, Depts. of Ed., State Food Programs, Indian nations, Child Care Agencies, Community Action agencies, USA Gymnastics (USGA), and many others.

In addition, she has experience interacting with thousands of children in community centers, schools, performing arts centers, libraries, book fairs, and other special events.


Besides training and keynoting in the Early Childhood arena for many organizations over the years, the presenter has experience interacting with thousands of children in community centers, schools, performing arts centers, libraries, book fairs, and other special events. She has also produced early childhood music for Head Start (IMIL), and WIC, and licensed her captivating books and media to SPARK, HarperCollins, and Pearson publishers internationally. - BS Business, AA in Early Childhood Development, three years of monthly EC STEM training with Cal Tech. 



Angela Russ-Ayon resides in Long Beach, CA. She is the owner of, a Russ InVision Company site. Recognizing the importance of music and movement during the early years of a child's physical and cognitive development, she began delving into developmental research while she was carrying her first child, which led to the composition of little ditties to keep her son and daughter on the steady path to learning through interactive songs and activities from birth.


Committed to sharing her knowledge, she left her 15-year sales management position to embark on a career in educational media; she continues taking local early child development college courses and works closely with consultants and mentors who are experts in the field of early child development and physical activity.


Angela holds a Business degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, an Associate in Arts Degree in Child Development: Early Childhood Education, and has spent 3-years training beside the Children's Center at Cal Tech on the subject of STEM. To ensure she provides quality edutainment, she works closely with consultants and mentors who are experts in the field.  She has also accumulated thousands of volunteer hours working with and observing educators and childcare providers in their interaction with young children. Angela connects directly with young children through interactive performances, hospital visits, author visits, and educational presentations at schools and libraries.


Her specialty is engaging young children in song and dance using fine & gross motor activities that promote imaginative play, bridge educational gaps, and help build brain pathways.


The quality of her songs eventually opened the doors to publishing several resource books and children's picture books, some of which include companion songs.



Angela uses a lecture format with attention-grabbing PowerPoint imagery and an infusion of activities that support the theories she presents. The time she spends in front of young children, either performing, participating in city programs, or interacting with them in preschools and in school districts, provides the perfect hands-on testing grounds for her music prior to production. Her specialty is engaging children in educational songs and active play, combining motor skills and their vivid imaginations. Her adult workshops are energized and informative, and everyone walks away with something useful to try with young children. 

“Live in your own world.

You may find people you know there.”

~  Angela Russ-Ayon


The presenter has trained and keynoted in the Early Childhood arena nationwide for over 400 organizations and school districts on connecting concepts, interactive learning, and authorship. She is an award-winning children's author and music artist. She has produced music for projects funded by Head Start (IMIL), WIC, (formerly 5aDay), and other non-profits. She has worked with thousands of young children in Southern California classrooms, community centers, performing arts centers, museums, libraries, and book fairs. Her media and materials have been licensed to SPARK, Pearson, and HarperCollins publishers for state and international preschool projects. - B.S. Business and AA Early Childhood Development


Angela presents using PowerPoint visuals, an infusion of activities, and thought-provoking break-outs to motivate educators, parents, and childcare providers to implement research-based theories. She shines the lens on meeting outcomes and expectations through child-centered play.



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