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"Let's Find a Triangle!"


The simple way to educate! An early STEM experience enhanced by music, movement, and activities that engage a young child’s brain and body.  We're up and moving as we explore counting, shapes, patterning, sequencing, comparing & contrasting, positions, spatial awareness, money and more.  These songs provide plenty of opportunities for discovery and extensions. Musical elements such as a steady beat, rhythm, melody, and tempo possess inherent mathematical principles that are built upon to make math active and fun. Includes 16 English songs.


Create optimum learning conditions with “The CLASS” by helping children blend content strands, connect ideas, think logically, solve problems, and make sense of their environment. Integrate early math with movement and musical activities that promote self-directed discovery, enhance their innate curiosity, improve retention, and achieve desired results.


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Format: CD - Music 

Age: Preschool through Kindergarten
Approx. running time: 33 min.

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