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Quand Vous Trouvez les COULEURS et les FORMES ...
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Author & Illustrator:

Angela Russ-Ayon

Translation: Demetra Papadopoulou

Quand Vous Trouvez les Couleurs et les Formes: Un livre d'images qui est physiquement interactif pour les enfants avec des concepts basés sur les mathématiques précoces et les STEM.

Tournez les pages, et vous allez voir

 comment les couleurs et les formes peuvent être amusantes. Trouvez ce que vous cherchez, et quand vous êtes à travers, on vous dira quoi faire. Secouez et Tournez AuTour, sauTez et pliez, puis courrez vite pour partager ce livre avec un ami.


Ce livre interactif combine des activités physiques, des sciences simples et des mathématiques précoces, nous montrant une façon unique d'apprendre la cause et l'effet en utilisant des couleurs, des formes et nos corps en mouvement. Votre imagination est necessaire!

Turn the pages, and you will see how fun colors and shapes can be. Find what you seek, and when you are through, you will be told just what to do. Shake or spin around and around. Climb up the mountain and come back down. Balance on one leg, jump, or bend, then run to share this with a friend.


This interactive concept book for young children combines physical activity, simple science, and early math while demonstrating cause and effect. Children identify colors and shapes, move as instructed, then observe how the shapes shift as a result of their bodies in motion. When they jump, the shapes fly up and hang in the air. When they spin around, centrifugal force sends the shapes into an outer circle. When they curl their bodies tightly, the shapes form a ball. Young children come to understand geometric concepts like shape, size, space, and position. Imagination is required!

Understanding colors, shapes, and spatial sense helps children communicate better, describe things more effectively, and problem-solve. They learn to think about attributes of objects and make observations about similarities and differences, which leads to the ability to sort and classify items based on easy-to-recognize characteristics. Letters and numbers are just complicated shapes children eventually learn to recognize and name. Why not have fun doing it?


Sample of open-ended inquiry to promote critical thinking:

  1. "What do you notice on this page?"

  2. “Describe what you see.”

  3. “What happened to the shapes after you moved?”

  4. “How did the shapes change?”

  5. "Why do you think the shapes look like they do now?"

  6. "What does this remind you of?”

  7. "Show me what you can do with your shapes."

  8. "How would you show me this shape using your body/a string?"

  9. "How can you make your shape bigger/smaller?"

  10. "What if you wanted to make a different shape?"

  11. "How can you move like that?”

  12. "What will happen if you add more shapes?"

  13. "What if you got a friend to help?"


  • Available in Spanish/English and English

  • Foundation/Domains: Math and Physical Science


This book is printed on demand. Please flip through at least one of the books you receive and contact the publisher directly as soon as possible if you have any quality concerns.

Also available:

Shapes activity page to color,
cut, position, and reposition.



  • Recognizing and identifying colors

  • Recognizing geometric shapes and their characteristics

  • Exploring and describing spatial relationships

  • Developing and utilizing spatial memory

  • Learning about and experiencing spatial transformations

Bulk Orders: This title is available in bulk for early childhood and nutrition programs, conferences, non-profit initiatives, licensing, or grants that promote healthy eating, fruits and vegetables, gardening, farm to table, STEM initiatives, and anti-obesity. Contact the publisher ( | Russ InVision Co.) directly for quotes, orders, and discounted pricing.

Format: Picture book

8.5" x 8.5"

Age: 3 up


Includes (3) black and white "shape" pages to copy, decorate, cut-out, shape, and reshape

$12.99 Paperback

French & English

WYFCS-F   Paperback 

French & English


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