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$5.50 each

Bulk Price Estimate

Qty           Price (ea.)
20,000       $1.40
17,500       $1.45
15,000       $1.50
10,000       $1.55
7500          $1.60
5000          $1.65
4000          $1.75
3000          $1.90
2000          $2.00
1000          $2.20
800-999     $2.30
700-799     $2.40
600-699     $2.60
400-599     $3.40
300-399     $4.50
0-299          $5.50


WIC - Have Fun and Be Active

A 36th Annual Telly Award Finalist!


English / Spanish narration

All families benefit from being physically active. This video/DVD encourages families to choose a healthy, active lifestyle. Parents, grandparents and young children from a variety of cultures are depicted having fun being physically active. Developmentally appropriate activities are coordinated with lively music to give families affordable and creative ways to be physically active inside and outside of the house. The accompanying printed guide is also available.

Directed by: Patty Kimbrell, M. Ed. Patty has 5 years experience training WIC parents and staff, including 150 WIC agencies, on how to weave developmentally appropriate physical activities into family and preschool daily routines. The "Have Fun and Be Active" printed guide, authored by Patty, makes the perfect enhancement to the DVD. Contact Patty directly for physical activity training.

Funding Provided By:
- First 5 Contra Costa Children and Families Commission
- California Department of Health Services, California Nutrition  
  Network/California 5 a Day
- Contra Costa County Health Services Community Wellness
  and Prevention Program
- University of California Cooperative Extension

Also available: "Have Fun and Be Active" Printed Guide
Written by Patty Kimbrell, M. Ed,

Format: DVD only
Running Time: Approx. 30 min.
UPC: 6-98731-00027-9

Pricing and Availability
Stocked quantities vary because this title is usually printed in bulk and on demand.  Call to check stock.

Please call or e-mail with questions about bulk orders, as prices are subject to change. We will send you a printed quote by request.

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