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Sound Bites | Animal Romp & Stomp CD | Music & Movement | Preschool | Early Childhood | STEM



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Animal Romp & Stomp for Kids

Featured in the "Back to School" edition of
Scholastic's "Early Childhood Today" Magazine


Young children romp and stomp to these easy, instructional lyrics that introduce them to a variety of animals using crazy MOVES and wacky sound EFFECTS. Children waddle like penguins, stomp like elephants, wiggle like fish, jump like kangaroos, rattle like snakes, freeze like polar bears, gallop with horses, and more – all to traditional and unique versions of kid’s favorite songs and lullabies. Young children move with adult assistance and more mature children easily interpret what they hear. Children get so excited about expressing their WILD side that they don’t realize how much they’re learning about animals.  


Nurture their creative and expressive side. These are physical musical activities for distance learning at home, child care facilities, after school programs, preschools, day care centers, kindergarten classes, or rainy day recesses.

Look at animals and insects through the lens of STEM. Examine different characteristics, features, movements, and habitats of animals to create wonderful early STEM experiences that compliment the songs.


This is your go-to source to help give the brain a break during training by introducing physical activity breaks for online classes, early childhood conferences and training, workshops, or webinars.


This CD will transition with kids from toddler stages through kindergarten, with 23 English songs and activities, a few with a sprinkle of Spanish. It’s a wonderful companion to STEM and STEAM expansion lessons. Quick-view guide is inside the cover.


  • Elbows & knees out, squawk, squawk, squawk. I move my feet and do “The Chicken Walk.”

  • “The Fish in the Sea,” they swim faster than me. They swim right. They swim left. They swim free.

  • “Bunny Jump” and around I go! Wiggle like fish! Kick those hooves!

  • “Circus Dance” Sway to the right. Sway to the left. One, two, three, follow me.

  • “Meerkat Conga” Let’s go! Step to the front and shake, shake. 

  • “Animal Letter Rap”  With an L they can lay, they can leap, they can land.

  • “I’ve Got 1 Bug.” You’ve got one bug. That makes two.


Guaranteed to bring the critters out, so lay your hackles down and get moving!  Quick tips can be found on the back cover of the CD. Feel free to contact us directly with any questions, purchase orders, or bulk discounts.


Click on "Lyrics" to review song list, complete lyrics, and details.

Format: CD - Music

Age: Toddler thru 6

Running Time: 29 min.

UPC:  698731-00015-6

Bulk Orders: This title is available in bulk for early childhood nutrition and physical activity programs, conferences, non-profit initiatives, licensing, or grants that promote healthy active lifestyles, fruits and vegetables, gardening, farm to table, STEM initiatives, and anti-obesity. Contact the publisher ( | Russ InVision Co.) directly for quotes, orders, and discounted pricing.

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