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WINNER! 2008 Directors' Choice Award

WINNER!  2008 Parents' Choice Approved Award


“Build that adult-baby connection!"


Starting babies and young tots off with playful songs and age-appropriate activities helps them move their limbs, get in tune with their senses, learn how their body works, and bond with a parent, sibling, or caregiver. Babies respond to a soothing voice, soft caresses, gentle rocking, a shaking rattle, tickling belly blows, soft claps, songs about their care, and simple adult-assisted activities. These songs soothe and reassure, awaken early humor, boost early language skills, encourage gentle care, and give young ones a smart start. Perfect for new parents or infant child care settings. When do we begin building the adult-infant connection?  We start NOW! 

Format: CD - Music

Age: Toddler thru Preschool

Approx. running time: 49 min.

UPC: 698731-00039-2

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