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Smart Steps for Toddlers

"When I am Happy... HA! HA! HA! HA!"



Toddlers… what a wonderful age. They learn about their environment and make discoveries through play and exploration. These developmentally appropriate INTERACTIVE songs encourage toddlers to move and share creative experiences. They gain an understanding of spatial sense, improve their listening skills, are exposed to language, and develop motor skills. Encourage them to bounce, babble, pound, sway, clap, stomp, jump, wiggle, and more to melodic rhythms and rhymes that address the brain’s attention to patterns, the body’s urge to move, and the development of memory.

These are physical musical activities for distance learning at home, child care facilities, after school programs, preschools, day care centers, for rainy day recesses. This is your go-to source to help give the brain a break during training by introducing physical activity breaks for online classes, early childhood conferences and training, workshops, or webinars.


Simple concepts are introduced in a way that increases their desire to listen more, learn more, and know more. Start by assisting your child and they will eventually become more independent and interpret the moves themselves.


  • My Special Hello Song” addresses separation anxiety and suggests a routine way to say goodbye and hello, so your child knows you are coming back to repeat the actions: clap, tap head, shake hands, and blow a kiss.

  • The Cow Goes” visits imaginary farm animals to practice listening skills. You can't see them, but you can hear them. Children mimic the sounds of the cow, duck, dog, and pig.

  • When I am Happy” explores an array of feelings using typical exclamations. Are you excited? “Hooray! Yippee! Yahoo!”

  • Have you ever tried to get a young child to give up their object and pass it to a friend? Well, it isn’t easy. Play “When I Share” and encourage children to pass items back and forth or around in a circle.

  • Take your child on a “Bumpy Road” knee ride. If they are old enough, they can jump down the road, either way, the will also enjoy listening to the sound effects of silly horns.

  • I Brush My Teeth” and “The Potty Song” help children learn how to take care of themselves in simple steps.

With 23 songs to choose from, you'll find some true favorites, ending with the calm “Hush Little One” when it is time to stop, cool down and rest. Quick tips can be found on the back cover of the CD. Click on LYRICS to see the song list, lyrics, and details.

Format: CD - Music

UPC:  698731-00074-3

For 3 through 6
Approx. running time: 36 min.

Bulk Orders: This title is available in bulk for early childhood nutrition and physical activity programs, conferences, non-profit initiatives, licensing, or grants that promote healthy active lifestyles, fruits and vegetables, gardening, farm to table, STEM initiatives, and anti-obesity. Contact the publisher ( | Russ InVision Co.) directly for quotes, orders, and discounted pricing.


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