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"Presentations are active, engaging,

and not recommended over dining!"


Keynote: Pathways LA


In-Service Workshop: Sponsored by CM School Supply


Scarf Play Workshop Break-out

Hacienda Early Childhood Adult School 


Parent & Workshop and Keynote Promotion - Lassen COED


"Mrs. Angela Russ-Ayon presented My Shadow Moves with Me: Simplifying Science! to forty preschool teachers and family child care providers on March 18, 2023, in Imperial County.

Mrs. Angela has a knack for presenting information that some teachers may find intimidating in a way that is non-threatening and gets the teachers excited and feeling empowered! Attendees learned about the areas of science and were provided with simple, relatable examples. Teachers loved the visuals she shared, particularly the science stations, and couldn’t wait to return to the classroom to set up their own!


Mrs. Angela engaged the participants with songs, music and movement, and hands-on experiments! Her training resembles a high-quality early childhood program that reminds teachers how much fun learning can and should be!"

- Heather Vessey-Garcia , Imperial County Office of Education

Educators  ~  Parents  ~  Caregivers  ~  EC Students


Angela presents her keynotes and workshops using a lecture format and PowerPoint display infused with music and movement activities. Her “ah-ha” moments spark creativity and engage participants from both an early childhood-oriented and an adult learner's perspective. The lengths of her presentations vary, as do the activities, depending upon the audience. She speaks to audiences young and old on the subjects of early childhood development, early math, simple science, creativity, and literacy.


Keynotes range from 1- to 2-hours or more, and training can be scheduled for longer. All attendees are encouraged to participate and collaborate in a break-out or two, creating their own memorable experience and sharing ideas as a practical model. Because of the nature of her activities and the high level of audience participation, her training is not recommended while dining.

All music and book titles are available for convention goodie bags at a discounted bulk rate, the purchase of which can supplement her speaking fee.


Her musical activities are free to use in any training or workshop. Simple notify her by email prior to use and be sure to reference her website as the source during your presentation and on the hand-out.

"Navigating the Landscape of Self-Care: An Interactive Experience"

 It's time to prioritize your well-being and make actionable changes that empower YOU! Through reflective exercises, we dive deep into practices that replenish your spirit, cultivate resilience, balance your life, and unlock your special powers

"Body Shakes and Brain Waves: Moving and Learning Through Early Childhood"

How movement and physical activity build brain connections and affect all domains of development.

"Math, Motion, and Connecting the Thoughts"

 Integrating motor skills, affordable activities, and instructional support to introduce children to mathematical concepts.

"Dynamic Discoveries: Simplifying the Sciences"

Delve into the wonders of the scientific method across the realms of earth, life, and physical science. Empower young minds to question, explore, and discover the marvels of the world around them.

"My Shadow Moves with Me: Simplifying Physical Science"

Build on existing foundations and connect STEM concepts in a variety of core subject areas across domains using the physical science of light and shadows as an platform.

"Fantastic Phenomena: Simplifying Life Science"

Build on existing foundations and connect STEM concepts in a variety of core subject areas across domains using examples from life science.

"Asking Open-Ended Questions to Support Thinking, Learning, and Developing"

Developing and asking open-ended questions to encourage children’s curiosity, creativity, and reasoning skills.

"Dollar Store STEM: Creative and Affordable Ways to Support Early Learning"

Engage with young children in and around school and home using affordable tools and activities. Parent friendly!

"Cultivating Meaningful Connections in a Child's World"

How different areas of development are interconnected and influence one another.

Creating opportunities and experiences that support the integration of skills and knowledge across domains.

"Just Don't Bore Them"

Discover creative ways to introduce educational concepts, improve cognitive skills, and capture attention.

"Jump, Quack, Listen, Scribble, Track: Making Early Language and Literacy Connections"

Promote young children's interest in language and literacy using their own curiosity, activities, books, and memorable experiences.


KTOT Kindergarten and Preschool Educators

Houston, TX

Early Childhood Development Workshop


Stanislaus County Office of Education (CA)


Early Childhood Development

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