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An Almost Edible Card Game!

Harvest some fun with delicious characters made out of a rainbow of healthy produce. Using a slice of luck and a good chunk of strategy, players match halves to make a whole healthy face. Young players pull from the deck and trade with opponents to make as many faces as they can. Mature players pull, trade, and take cards for their matches, in an attempt to match the faces worth the most points. Stay alert, or you’ll miss a match that’s right in front of you!


Supervised children under age 5 can play Level 1, or just match the faces, either face up or face down, for fun.  When children start adding, they can match and add up their points. This game is designed to reinforce positive experiences with fruits and vegetables and comes with age-appropriate levels of play designed for ages 5 to adult. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s...worth a taste!

Find the complete MAKIN' FACES Instructions on PDF

Treat the children to a Free "Make a Watermelon Face" Cut-out on PDF

Game Benefits
This game combines matching and puzzle-making skills to help children develop spatial perception and logical reasoning. Players examine shapes, sizes, colors, characteristics, and positions to make a match. Mature players can strategize to obtain the faces with the most value. As the skill and knowledge of the game increases so does the speed of the game.


Games can help children increase thinking and problem-solving abilities. They also teach important social skills, such as group participation, following rules, taking turns, communication, maintaining a positive attitude while playing, and winning or losing with grace.

Matching and puzzle games improve the following skills:
Observation: the act of noticing and perceiving what is going on around you.
Sustained Attention & Concentration: the ability or power to concentrate mentally.
Memory Enhancement: the retention of, and ability to recall, information, personal experiences, and procedures.
Visual Perception and Discrimination: the ability to accurately compare and contrast visual images.
Cognition: thinking, reasoning, problem-solving, and other intellectual abilities.


Fruit & Veggies Making Faces - Card Game

$5.50 each

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Includes: 100 playing cards and instructions
Format: Card Game
Recommended for Ages: 5 and up (earlier for matching game)   
Approx. Playing Time: 10-15 minutes
ISBN 13: 978-0-9799612-1-2
UPC: 6-98731-000041-5


Moving and Learning Activity Laces

Shoelaces in assorted colors
45" long x 5/8 inch wide
Flat skateboard style with plastic tips


IMPORTANT WARNING: These are SHOELACES! They are designed to be used in shoes. They are not a toy.  Should you choose to introduce these laces to children as a manipulative, you assume any and all risks of injury. Remove the plastic tips and knot the ends to avoid damage to the eye or scratches. To avoid choking or strangulation accidents, constant adult supervision is required.  

$36  set of qty.   12 

$69  set of qty.   24 
$95  set of qty.   34 

$199  set of qty. 100 


Juggling Scarves

Juggling Scarves
18" x 18", nylon, assorted colors


Kids toss & catch, create shapes, juggle, and use their imagination while they play. Is that scarf a flower, a flag, or a pony's tail? Help children learn eye-hand coordination, depth perception, balance, focus, and improve upper body strength. Good for all ages!    

  $38 set of qty. 24
  $51 set of qty. 34

$145 set of qty. 100




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