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We Eat Food That's Fresh

Author: Angela Russ-Ayon

Illustrator: Cathy June


We Eat food That's Fresh

A Children's Picture Book

About Tasting New Foods

A whimsical chef introduces a diverse group of young children to fun food experiences that stir their interest in tasting fruits and vegetables. Join them as they pick from the garden, prepare in the kitchen, relax by the shore, and discover all of the different ways to eat healthy food. The chef wants the children to try something new, and they just might, before he’s through.


Getting children to taste new fruits and vegetables is an age-old challenge. The point of this book is that if children don't like raw vegetables, they may like them steamed, blended or mashed, boiled in a soup, grilled, dipped, chilled, or stir-fried. They are encouraged to try vegetables in different ways and in doing so, might discover they like them.


The texture and flavor of food changes based on the way it is prepared: raw versus cooked carrots, apple sauce versus sliced apples, soft celery in soup versus crunchy celery sticks, crisp versus soft-cooked zucchini, grilled onions versus raw, whole fruit versus blended, and so forth. Taste buds are always changing and wouldn't it be terrific if we could convince children to try something new every once in a while, taste the same food cooked a different way, or try a food several times?

Repeatedly looking at picture books about fruits and vegetables with parents enhances young children's visual preferences toward the foods in the book and influences their willingness to taste these foods (Houston-Price et al., 2009b).

Illustrator - Cathy June lives in Vancouver with her husband, Mike, enjoying her grandchildren who provide endless inspiration for children’s books.

Have fun finding all of the fruits and veggies that appear in the book. See our list below.

Ideas for simple STEM connections and extensions in the kitchen and garden.

Print our shopping list children  paste on, stick on, scribble on, or write on.

                                 - or -

Print our shopping list filled with colorful images of fruits and veggies that little ones can circle.

"A simply edible book that is rich in colorful fruits and vegetables. Inspires all ages to have a taste of something new!"

~ Produce for Better Health Foundation

This book is included in the LAUSD Farm to Preschool curriculum!

In addition to the nutrition aspect of this book, there is a STEM component that is well worth sharing. Connecting literature, science, and hands-on discovery helps give children a more concrete understanding of new concepts in and around the kitchen. Compare and contrast the different things you see and do. Follow the interest of the child and offer extensions toward new findings. Here are some helpful tips to help make your experience worthwhile.

  • Supply blank paper, writing, and drawing implements for children who want to record what they see.

  • Create a photo record of the activity that can be posted, reviewed, and discussed later.

  • Encourage drawing, coloring, and cutting activities that tie into what you’re doing.

  • Introduce books that relate to the activity or experiment you will be doing. Even books for grown-ups have wonderful photographic sequences, such as the progression from fresh fruit to decaying fruit, the process of vegetables freezing and melting, or how the dough rises when you make a fruit pastry.

  • Besides those that appear in the book,  make sure to have age-appropriate child-safe scientific tools handy if they apply: plastic tweezers or tongs, cerated plastic knife, magnifying glass, plexiglass examining jars, ruler, measuring cups, sifters, beakers, funnels, flashlight, colander, ladle, whisk, hand juicer, garlic press, and other.

  • Declutter the work area, so children can focus on what they’re doing.  Allow time for children to observe, experiment, gather data, compare, predict, problem-solve, and share their findings.




  • Encourages children to taste new foods

  • Presents over 50 fruits and vegetables to identify

  • Introduces various ways to prepare and eat fruits and vegetables together

  • Multicultural representation of diverse ethnic groups

  • Promotes experimentation with tools: thermometer, knife, juicer, spoons, ladle, peeler, whisk, spatula, and skewer

  • Provides an opportunity to count, describe, compare, and contrast foods

  • Optional companion song download for a low additional cost

This book is included in the LAUSD Farm to Preschool curriculum!

Easy rhymes and repetitive verses are combined with 32 pages of deliciously colorful pastel illustrations.

Optional audio of the companion song, spoken word, and instrumental are available for download.

With each page turn, the chef exposes children to new and wonderfully colorful fruits and vegetables. The phrase, "You might just want to try something NEW!" is a repetitive theme throughout that children want to emulate.

$12.99 Paperback

(Optional downloadable companion music CD)

WEFF-E  Paperback

ISBN: 978-1958627-09-9

8.5" x 8.5" edition

$17.99 Hardbacks

ISBN: 978-1-934214-06-0

(Contact us directly -

Available in VERY limited quantities)

Format: Picture book

downloadable song purchase

Bulk Orders: This title is available in bulk for early childhood and nutrition programs, conferences, non-profit initiatives, licensing, or grants that promote healthy eating, fruits and vegetables, gardening, farm-to-table, STEM initiatives, and anti-obesity. Contact the publisher ( | Russ InVision Co.) directly for quotes, orders, and discounted pricing.


Contact the publisher ( | Russ InVision Co.) directly for quotes, orders, and pricing.

Also available in a

Spanish/English edition.

We Eat Food That's Fresh - Spanish Fruit

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