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Purchase individual or multiple PHYSICAL CDs or"select" MP3 single songs with coupon and promo codes. Great for conference or nonprofit distribution! - Angela Russ-Ayon - Ear

Click on any title below for detailed information, then choose to buy PHYSICAL CDs or MP3 DOWNLOADS.

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 Visit our MP3 DOWNLOAD STORE to hear 30-second song samples. Instantly purchase $1 single songs or $9.99 full album downloads. Coupons and promo codes do not work in this download store.

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Bulk Orders:  All titles are available in bulk for early childhood and nutrition programs, conferences, non-profit initiatives, licensing, or grants that promote healthy eating, fruits and vegetables, gardening, farm-to-table, STEM initiatives, and anti-obesity. Contact the publisher directly for discounted pricing, quotes, and orders. We accept purchase orders.

"ABCs  1,2,3 ... Oh Silly Me!"

Sing and move while following directions, identifying colors, counting (1-20), singing ABCs, and much more. This series supports simple concepts in the silliest ways: stretching, hiking, blowing, wiggling, swaying, skipping, and more. NO COUCH POTATOES HERE! Age range: preschool thru kinder.

"In My Body"

“Shake Your Boom Boom!”

“Build a Bridge!”

Action-packed “Smart Moves” songs and activities put kids to work. They focus on listening skills, physical coordination, motor skills, teamwork, body identification, socialization, and following instructions. Select Spanish songs. Ages range : tot to second grade.

“Army Ants!  Here’s what you do!”


 Romp, stomp and conga to this captivating music while learning about a variety of insects or animals. Explore their different characteristics, mimic their moves and sounds, and understand our world. Age range: preschool thru early primary.

“I Can Make a Straight Line”

We're up and moving with counting, shapes, patterning, sequencing, comparing, spatial awareness, money and more. Musical elements such as a steady beat, rhythm, melody, and tempo possess inherent mathematical principles that are built upon to make math active and fun. Age range: preschool thru kinder.

“Shake, Mix, Pound, Roll!"

Delicious tunes that combine healthy eating and active living. Take kids through the farmer’s market, identify food groups, shake and mix things up, make a pizza, pop like corn, turn with turnips.  Educational songs and physical activities keep kids motivated while they move. Select Spanish songs. Age range: preschool through early primary.

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“Levanta La Cuerda!"

This playful collection of Spanish songs combines physical activity with learning as young children extend patterns, name body parts, discover opposites, mimic animals, grow like trees, explore colors, play with props and felt stories, and move rhythmically.  New to the group is A collection of songs for early math for toddlers (STEM). Selected by a Migrant Head Start team of instructors from our other titles. Age range: preschool thru kinder. 

“Does a Pumpkin Pump?”  

It certainly does. Dish up yummy tunes that emphasize healthy eating and physical activity. An eclectic mix of melodies spurs young kids into action using simple moves they can handle: jump, swing, reach, balance, pound, wiggle, pat, climb, dig, toss, and more. Debuted for Early Head Start at Wolf Trap. Age range: tot to preschool. CDs include (12) Spanish selections.

"He's Blowing a Zerbert!"

Interactive songs that help establish an adult-baby connection. Starting babies and young tots off with playful songs and age-appropriate activities helps them move their limbs, get in tune with their senses, learn how their body works, and bond with a caregiver. Sooth & reassure, awaken humor, interact, and give your young one a smart start. (10) Spanish versions of select songs.  Age range: birth to 3 yrs.

"High, Low, Piccolo"

A “hands-on” approach to learning! Fun clapping games combine movement in rhythmic patterns and sequences with rhymes and recitation for non-competitive cooperative play. Included are age-appropriate versions of all-time favorites, hand games that are fresh and new, and songs creatively extended for longer play. Great games for camp followers. Levels of difficulty vary. For all ages! - Angela Russ-Ayon - Tod

"Lift Up. Drop Down."

STEM for young children involves learning with fun activities that peak their curiosity and foster exploration of their world. They can make connections that support science, technology, engineering, and mathematics all day. It involves making abstract concepts concrete and taking STEM approaches to learning in unique ways. Simple STEM concepts include force and motion, life cycles, positions in space, start/stop, rhythms, simple machines, etc. Interactive music is a great resource to help engage young children in physically learning experiences.

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"On Two Feet I Jump!"

Early math for toddlers involves making interesting discoveries through play and exploration. Many adults are intimidated by math, but early math is fun and easy to demonstrate to young children. With movement, children gain an understanding of counting and number sense, shapes, space, positions, direction, patterns, sizes, pathways, weight, speed, and much more. Adult-assisted or independent play.

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"How Do You Move
to a Sound Like This?"


Toddlers… what a wonderful age. They learn about their environment and make discoveries through play and exploration. These developmentally appropriate INTERACTIVE songs encourage toddlers to move and share creative experiences. They gain an understanding of spatial sense, improve their listening skills, are exposed to language, and develop motor skills. Encourage them to bounce, babble, pound, sway, clap, stomp, jump, wiggle, and more to melodic rhythms and rhymes that address the brain’s attention to patterns, the body’s urge to move, and the development of memory.

"Everybody Has to Potty!"

Sing along, shout a response, mimic a phrase, or move. Explores content introduced in preschool thru kinder classrooms: writing numbers, months of the year, planting seeds, the five senses, our bodies, spying shapes, brushing teeth, using the potty, good manners, days of the week, spying colors, short vowels, opposites, and more. Age range: preschool thru kindergarten.

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