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Toddlers on the Move - Set of 3

Item: 39589

Discover some of our early childhood music selections in this popular school supply catalog, or ask your local sales rep.

Find MP3 FULL ALBUM downloads at in the Kids and Family sections. Search for Abridge Club or Angela Russ, and you'll see us!


Selections of Angela's music are also being used in the National Head Start Bureau's "I am Moving. I am Learning." (IMIL) active children campaign, which is designed to prevent childhood obesity by improving the quality and quantity of exercise in the classroom and encouraging daily wise nutrition choices. IMIL was created in response to regional and national trends toward childhood obesity. The project was designed to fit within the Head Start Performance Standards and the Head Start Child Outcomes Framework through enhancements to current teaching practices by providing more focused guidance on quality movement, gross and fine motor development, and child nutrition. IMIL gained national recognition as the recipient of the 2006 ACF Honor Award of Excellence in Partnering from DHHS.

Additionally, IMIL goes beyond the classroom teaching practices to enhance the approach family service workers take with Head Start families in the area of movement and nutrition, as well as, in the approach Head Start health staff takes in working with children and their families. IMIL uses a train-the-trainer model with directors and their management teams attending a 2½ day training events regionally.

The 2-million dollar University of Tennessee "Team PLAY (Positive Lifestyles for Active Youngsters)” initiative featured titles. The grant was funded by the State for a 5-year clinical trial that began mid-January of 2007 and focused on improving nutrition and physical activity behaviors in families.

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Find some of our early childhood music selections in this popular school supply catalog, or ask your local sales rep.


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WINGS Curriculum


Angela's interactive songs have been licensed to the WINGS Ideal Curriculum for children in preschool. The curriculum is an active and interactive learning system for effectively organizing and implementing developmentally and culturally appropriate practices based on the interests, needs, and skill levels of children from infancy to age 5.

Dr. Bisa Batten Lewis, affectionately known as “Dr. Bisa”, is Founder and CEO of WINGS  Curriculum and Ideal Early Learning, LLC – a national education consulting and training company.

Nutrition In Action

“Smart & Tasty 1" CD and the "We Eat Food That's Fresh" picture book were selected for the new "Music & Movement: Nutrition in Action" curriculum which includes eight lessons that are packed full of fun activities. It is nutrition education that is tailored to bring healthy eating and physical activity into the daily lives of young children. As a USDA MyPyramid Corporate Partner, Nutrition in Action and the USDA share common goals of developing complimentary programs that encourage healthy eating and activity.


Each lesson incorporates a story, physical activity, music, and a seated activity into the nutrition education session. Snack suggestions, additional learning activities, and a parent handout with recipes are included with each lesson! - Angela Russ-Ayon - COW

Culture of Wellness | SNAP-Ed

Culture of Wellness in Preschools is a comprehensive, multi-level early childhood obesity prevention program that focuses not only on the children, but also on parents, teachers and making the preschool environments health-promoting settings. Working with the Colorado Health Foundation, 24 physically interactive songs were selected for a custom music CD distributed to parents and providers.




Thirteen Abridge Club songs are featured in the 2010 released SPARK Early Childhood program, designed to be more inclusive, active, and fun for young children. SPARK was proven to work with both physical education specialists and classroom teachers. Today, after lessons learned from more than 20 years of ongoing research and field testing nationwide, SPARK PE is one of the best physical education programs in the world – a true solution to our growing problem of overweight and obese children.

The Louisiana Office of Public Health supplied 25,000 "Have Fun and Be Active" DVDs to WIC families at the STATE level. The initiative was for their 2007 launch against childhood obesity entitled, "Fit Kids. Healthy Kids."




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