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If you and your kids can mimic
“Single Ladies” by Beyoncé, you can do this!


Almost an hour of fun and energetic HIP-HOP dance instruction. We add on step-by-step until you are moving through one fully-choreographed routine to funk fusion. The dance and each combination progress from slow to medium to high energy, and you’re given ample time to learn and perform the steps at your own pace before you are challenged by a faster speed. Then you move on to three additional quick combinations that are taught the same way.


The level of difficulty is considered beginning to intermediate. Whether you’re male or female adult, teen, elementary school age, or younger…have some dance experience or none at all — you’ll soon know enough to combine moves and dance a simple freestyle on your own, so LET'S DO THIS!  
Includes a short warm-up with stretching (4:30), instruction for complete dance (33:37), combinations (18:16).
Instructor: Yue Xu
Teen Dancers: Madison Russ & Jisel Ayon
Director: Tim Russ
Running time: 59:07 min.
Produced by: Russ Entertainment, Inc.

In cooperation with
© 2013 Russ Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.


How to Hip-Hop

$14.99 each

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