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$14.99 each

Self-Defense Basics

Instructor: Sensei Mac


Bullies and attackers look for those who are vulnerable, whether at work, school, home, or on the street, but just one single defense can put an end to a confrontation if you know what you’re doing. This instruction is designed to give you parts and pieces of a whole. Most fights are fluid, but we trust that we have given you the basic tools to easily transition from one move to another when confronted. You’ll want to keep an attack from escalating. So, your goal is to dissuade a bully or disable your attacker, and get away safely. Could we have given you more instruction? Of course. But we have to begin somewhere, and if you don’t practice these step-by-step skills, like you would for any sport, you’ll find yourself lacking at a most unfortunate time.


About Sensei Mac


Sensei Mac is available to counsel, speak, and train on the subjects of martial arts, self-defense, and bullying.

Sensei Mac is a 5th Degree Black Belt and has achieved the expert level of training in various disciplines and styles, including Shodai Kendo, Taekwondo, Jujitsu, and Judo – styles he has combines to create an effective defense system. He is a champion of numerous tournaments and a pioneer in mixed martial arts who has trained with some of the most renowned martial artists in the world.

Sensei Mac co-founded the Shotaikenjitsu Martial Arts Reality Training (SMART) form of self-defense, which shows a victim how to respond to a real-life attack with self-reliance, self-respect, and autonomy. As a nationally recognized instructor with over 40 years’ experience, he has been called upon to train professional fighters, police forces, our nation's military soldiers, and security specialists. He is currently a trainer on staff at the Alpert Jewish Community Center in Long Beach.


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