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Testimonials, Too

"We used the 'Farmer's Market' song in our class. Because the class can have 25 in the one room, we couldn't move as much as we would like. We used this in our Farmer's Market/Eat Your Colors Class.

This year, we are using your 'Farmer's Garden' song - and it works wonderfully. People could even do from their chair. Much "safer" in a classroom setting and I imagine would work well for those whose agencies frown upon "physical activity" because of safety/law suit issues. (Not an issue here.) We wish it was in Spanish. Our Spanish classes could use it or they use some from Jose Luis Orozco's: De Colores (Moving with the song about Ants (Las hormiguitos, La vibora de la mar or De colores). We made a poster of the 'Farmer's Garden' song and enlarged it so everyone could follow the words and we have either the plastic fruits/veggies or fresh ones to use along with the song. Whoever, presented at WIC, she was real familiar with 'limitations' - and really encouraged this song because it could be done with limited space and even from a chair. My other favorites on 2 'Smart & Tasty' CDs are: 'Go, Whoa,' and 'Pour, Whip, Chop, Toss' (which perhaps we will add to our 'Kids in the Kitchen' class in the future) and our 'Choose Well' class.

“I've attached the file of the Chart with the words to Farmer's Garden song we made for classes to follow along."

Michelle Fox

WIC - Monterey County, CA

"Our pre k classes are going to sing 'My Face' for graduation this year. Every time that song comes on we all feel better, the beat is awesome. Also we have been singing, 'We Eat Tortillas' and the kids love it. Today we made quesadillas and it was so much fun. I lip sync, in a very dramatic way, all the other parts of your song until you sing, 'In Mexico We Eat Tortillas.' The kids love that song so much. Thank you!"
Mary Ann Cleary

Pee Wee Preschool in Paradise, CA

"I first met you a couple of years ago at the CTA Conference in Los Angeles. I bought two of your CDs. I just wanted to let you know that my students, and those of my first grade 'buddy' class really enjoy and benefit from your song 'Build a Bridge, Build a Tunnel, Build a Road'. The small muscle strength, coordination, spatial awareness, and direction-following skills that your song addresses continue to engage and entertain the kids. Each time our buddy class has visited from year to year they clamor for 'the Tunnel song!' Again." Thanks again for reigniting my passion for teaching my kids!
Rachel E. Schooler
Special Educator, Burbank USD

"I work for Storytimes To Go, a pre-literacy program of the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County (North Carolina). Our program creates themed Storytime kits that we lend to early childhood teachers and childcare providers. We also conduct teacher training workshops that promote early literacy activities. I recently came across Animal Romp and Stomp and selected it for a kit that focuses on the children's author Karma Wilson. Her books feature various animals, so the CD was the perfect companion. We also shared the CD during a recent puppet workshop and performed several songs from the CD using the puppets. The teachers loved the music! I have also recommended the CD to other library workers who regularly conduct children's programming. I just wanted to pass this information along so you are aware how well-received this CD is. Everyone who experiences Animal Romp and Stomp raves about it and asks us where they can purchase a copy. Thank you for putting out such a great product. It is enjoyable for children and adults. (We cannot get Penguin Waddle out of our heads!). Best wishes."

Jason Hyatt

Senior Library Assistant, Storytimes To Go!

Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County

“I would like to recommend one that is immensely popular with the 2,000+ teachers that Storytimes to Go! serves. Actually, we recommend all the CDs produced by Abridge Club. These CDs are fun, professional, educational, very high quality and just what teachers want—particularly preschool and kindergarten teachers. Animal Romp & Stomp is our favorite although they are all excellent.
Susan Pflug, Program Coordinator of "Storytimes to Go!" Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County

“I also wanted to tell you that my home daycare had tons of fun with Abracadabra and fun food on Halloween yesterday -- I do so appreciate the explicit wand instructions to turn and flick ...with the popularity of Harry Potter, there's been a lot of pointing anything resembling a wand in the direction of friends' faces. Your song has enhanced our wand skills and given us another silly, fun and smart way to play with rhyming. Thanks again for sharing your talents ...."
Mary Zerbel, South Bend, IN

"I attended an I Am Moving I Am Learning workshop in the Spring and received the Smart and Tasty 1 CD as a door prize and on the jacket it had your website and that there was a #2. I went on your site to see what was available and saw that you have a nice variety. We used the Smart and Tasty 1 with staff during pre-service and they loved it! We are targeting nutrition and movement in our preschool classrooms and these CD’s will be a good addition to our library. Thank you."
Louise Ketner

Huntingdon County Head Start

"I want one of each of your CDs (including "Bugsters"). I will check the website and send in an order today. Feedback....your presentation was full of passion, heart and soul, and commitment towards children well-being inside and out. When I attend conferences, I expect to be entertained and informed at the same time. I expect presenters to fully embrace their topic and encourage the audience to be committed to what they do, or do something else. You met all my expectations and then some. It took courage to walk down the hall with my new hat on. Thanks for living your dream and making children lives brighter with your smile and funky dance moves. You'll be hearing from me soon. :)"
Nancy Chavez,

PACE Attendee, Santa Clara, CA

"Thank you so very much for the wonderful music workshop you presented for our military caregivers. You did an awesome job and everyone greatly enjoyed it! I appreciate that you drove a long way and volunteered your time."

Lorraine Carmona, Director

Navy Child Development Home Program

Pt. Mugu & Port Hueneme, CA

"Angela, I love you at the conference yesterday but did not get a form to fill out at the end of the session. I sat up front on the side and came up and did the rope song with you. I love your energy and enthusiasm. I bought animal romp and stomp and smart songs #1. They tried to tell me I couldn't come in because the room was full. I am so glad that they finally let me. I would not have missed it for the world. Keep up the good work and let me know when the new CD comes out."
Debi Gull, Rainbow Conference

CSUSB, Ontario, CA

"Since you sent an e-mail, I thought I'd just thank you for your wonderful workshop. I do the fish song, the colors song and others with my children and they love them. Your enthusiasm is wonderful."
Bonnie Hasson

Bonnie's House Family Childcare

"This is the BEST workshop I've been to in child care for 25 years, and I am good, BUT you are much better. Job well done!"
Jeanette Oehrlein
Rainbow Conference, CSUSB, Ontario, CA

"Your program and music are great, rewarding and energetic…children get involved, get up and moving, and walk away with an understanding of what is presented. With your help, I have provided a music workshop for all the Head Start site programs here in San Francisco. Thank you again for your great rewarding tool. We appreciate it and continue to strive to put music and physical activity in the classroom."
Jackie Jones, Center Director

San Francisco Head Start Program


"These smart songs and those on your 2nd CD, help me to achieve the 'Desired Results' for child development in the Anaheim City School District. With the introduction of concepts such as spatial awareness, good manners, counting, and others presented through this music, my student comprehension has increased tenfold."
Helen Gardener, Head Start Preschool,

Edison Elementary, Anaheim, CA

"This 'Movin' & Shakin' series is perfect for age levels and learners of all kinds, and they can be modified for the physically disabled. I plan to perform these with the kids during our Gold Bug Ball."
Susan Douglas, Education Director

Discovery Museum, Sacramento, CA

"I like the fact that I know first hand who comes up with these song ideas. I'm glad I saw how animated and excited you are about teaching through music."
Ana Martinez

Tutor Time Preschools, CA

"Thank you so much for your donation. The kids just love these songs, and the movement helps us enhance the healing process."
Rita Bright, Child Life Dept.

Miller's Children's Hospital, Long Beach, CA

"Your music CD's have been a welcome addition to our fundraising efforts. The kids love them so much that the parents won't hesitate to buy them. Thank you for performing, and for working so closely with us."
Pat Nelson, Wildlife Waystation

Angeles National Forest, CA

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