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Discography | CD and Song List

Here you will find a complete list of infant, toddler, and preschool early childhood interactive and educational songs offered to families and educators of young children by and produced by Angela Russ-Ayon. Please contact us by email with any questions.

Animal Romp & Stomp:

Snake, Rattle & Roll 1:00

Chicken Walk 1:04

The Fish in the Sea 1:02

The Bear Went Over the Mountain 1:15

The Circus Song 2:07

Penguin Waddle :46

Monkey See, Monkey Do 1:08

Bunny Jump :59

Sing a Song of Sizes 1:06

Meerkat Conga 1:06

Polar Bear Freeze :50

Move Like an Animal 2:06

A Horse, Of Course 1:14

Oh, When a Shark 1:07

Osito, Osito :51

Kangaroos a Go-Go 1:17

Animal Letter Rap 1:14

Itsey Bitsey Spider :50

I’ve Got One Bug 1:20

Act Like You are On a Farm 1:46

Five Little Ducks 2:05

El Coquito (The Little Tree Toad) 1:36

Calif. Indian Thank You Song 1:26

Bugsters Tunes & Tales:

Caterpillar Conga 2:09

Jump - Fly - Crawl  2:39

Look, But Don't Touch 2:11

Army Ants 2:38

 Itch & Scratch  2:02

Camouflage 2:15

Spider Life  2:12

Arthropods 2:00

Insect Detective 3:14

Firefly  0:46

Caterpillar Conga (Instrumental) 2:09

Spider Life (Instrumental) 2:18

Itch & Scratch (Instrumental) 2:46

Army Ants (Instrumental) 2:02

Firefly (Instrumental) 2:47

Work it Out (Audio Book) 9:38

The Mothmen (Audio Book) 11:50

Hoppin' & Boppin' for Youngsters

Movin', Groovin', Twistin', Shakin'  :35

   (Mexican Hat Dance - Revised)

When You Stretch  1:07

Snap Your Fingers  :38

The Mulberry Bush  1:21

Mary Did the Bunny Hop  :42

Row, Row, Row Your Boat   1:07

ABC   :39

I'm a Choo - Choo  1:28

Wiggle & Giggle    1:04

Clap Your Hands   1:28

Skip to My Lou   1:18

A Counting We Will Go  (1-10)   :31

Where is Thumbkin    1:49

Move Like an Animal   3:18

First We'll Bend Our Arms   1:11

Hokie Pokie   1:36

The Bingo Rainbow   1:25

If Your Happy & You Know It 1:11

                  (Achoo, Hooray, Yippee)   

A Counting We Will Go (1-20)   41

We are Swaying   1:18

Come and Move Like This  1:15

You Can Do Silly Things With Your Head  :44

Five Little Ducks   2:01

Mexican Counting Song   :57

Tip Toe Through You Bedroom  1:00

Rest Little Youngster   1:12

Rest Now, Rest Now, Day or Night 1:27

Clapping Games:

High, Low, Piccolo

Double, Double

Here Comes Joe

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Twinkle Toes

Lemonade, Crunchy Ice

Chug, Chug, Chottie

Ho, Ho, Captain Jack

Down By the Banks of the Hanky Panky

Miss Mary Mack

A Sailor Went to Sea

Have You Ever, Ever

Roller Coaster


Row, Row Rower

Say, Say My Playmate

Eenie Meanie Sassaleeny

Princess Pat   

Big Horse



Cross Walk

Can You Pat?

Math, Moves, and Motion:

Down & Up I Go    1:00

I Can Make a Straight Line    2:08

Can You Show Me?  3:25

Let’s Find a Triangle    1:37

Five Finger Marching Band    1:39

Two Clapping Hands    2:16

Shake It    2:04

Oops    1:54

Pattern Moves   3:22

Making Shapes    2:49

Moving Numbers    1:46

You are Next to Me    2:03

When I See Shapes    3:08

Can You Hear Me Knock?  1:15

Spend a Penny    1:41

Count from 1-100    2:21

Movin' & Shakin' for Youngsters:

Movin', Groovin', Twistin', Shakin'  :35

First I’m Stretching  1:13

Ring Around the Rosies   1:21

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes  1:26     

Shake a Leg  1:18

First We’ll Tap Your Toes  1:13

Do You Know How To…?   1:44

ABC Song   :41

Hike the Hill   1:25

Sit Down, Turn Around 1:04

Wave Hello & Then Goodbye  :47

A Counting We Will Go  (1-10)   :34

Act Like You Are On a Farm   1:46

The Circus Dance   2:06

The Bingo Rainbow (colors)  1:27

If You’re Happy and You Know It   1:12

      (Clap, Nod, Stomp)

Stretch, Jump, Run  1:07

Here We Go Loopty Loo 1:24

Make A Letter  :41

Come and Step Along   1:05

1,2, Buckle My Shoe  :58

Bubble Bath  :55

A Counting We Will Go  (1-20)   :43

Smile Like You’re Happy   :58

Itsey Bitsey Spider  :49

Sit Down a Minute   2:13

Rest Now, Rest Now, Day or Night  1:29

Smart Fruit & Veggie Songs:

More Matters   2:31

Eat the Color Way  2:36

I Lost My Basket  3:06

Hot Potato, Hot Tomato 1:57

Annie Picked Some Blueberries  1:48

Gonna' Eat  1:50

Dig & Plant   1:33

I Pick What You Pick  1:52

We Pass the Apples  1:57

If I Lived on an Island  2:20

Can You Find the Fruit? 1:57

I Lost My Basket (w/o response)  3:06

More Matters (Instrumentals)  2:31

Hot Potato, Hot Tomato (Instrumentals)  1:57

Annie Picked Some Blueberries  (Instrumentals) 1:48

Gonna’ Eat (Instrumentals) 1:50

If I Lived on an Island (Instrumentals)  2:19

Dig & Plant (Instrumentals) 1:33

I Pick What You Pick (Instrumentals) 1:52

We Pass the Apples (Instrumentals) 1:55

Muévete y Aprende:

Circle Time (Spanish)

Shake, Mix, Pound, Roll (Spanish)

Farmer's Market (Spanish)

Down, Down Baby (Spanish)

Take That Rope (Action) (Spanish)

Build a Bridge (for Tots) (Spanish)

Dance Freeze (Spanish)

To Market, To Market (Spanish)

 Jell-O Jiggles (Spanish)

Shake Your Boom Boom (Spanish)

There's a Froggie! (Spanish)

Toss & Catch (Spanish)

Swing and Fly (Spanish)

I'm Growing (Spanish)

Time to Go (Spanish)

Take That Rope (Instrumental)

Baila y Muevete:

A Bee (Spanish)

Around in a Circle (Spanish)

Can You Move Like I Do (Spanish)

Go Straight (Spanish)

I Can Hold up 5 Fingers (Spanish)

I’m Swimming in the Water (Spanish)

Maraca Chaka (Four) (Spanish)

Mountain and Valley (Spanish)

The Shape Train (Spanish)

This Boulder is Heavy (Spanish)

Thump Dee Dump (Spanish)

I Move (Spanish)

Dance Freeze (Spanish)

Smart Moves 1: (Early Years)

In My Body   3:10

Build a Bridge (for Tots)   1:44

Take That Rope (Action)   3:23

Can You Find the Color?   2:13

From Here to There   2:08

Roll That Ball to Me (for Tots)   2:43

Go ‘Round the Village (for Tots)   1:58

We’re Moving Around   1:59

Work Your Body   1:57

I Can Stand By Myself   2:22

I Can Sit By Myself   2:22

Can You Sit Down on Your Bum Bum?   1:52

Stack Them Up!   1:52

The More We Press Together   2:51

My Face, My Face   2:11

I Can Rest   1:03

In My Body (Spanish) 3:10

Build a Bridge (for Tots) (Spanish) 1:44

Take That Rope (Action) (Spanish) 3:23

Can You Find the Color? (Spanish) 2:13

Roll That Ball To Me (for Tots) (Spanish) 2:43

The More We Press Together (Spanish) 2:51

I Can Rest (Spanish) 1:03

Smart Moves 2: (Into Preschool)

Build a Bridge  1:17

Take That Rope (Letters)  3:22

Step on the Stones (Colors)   3:41

Show Me Your Middle  1:37

Dance Freeze  2:37

We Are Rolling   1:46

How Low is Low?   1:10

Play in the Band   2:57

Can You Find the Shape?   2:34

Chuggin’ Down the Track   2:57

Go ‘Round the Village   2:09

Balance It On My Head   2:14

Keep It Up!   2:05

With a Letter or Two  2:48

Bounce That Ball To Me   2:27

Step on the Stones (Color Patterns)  3:41

Build a Bridge (Warp Speed)  1:18

Keep It Up! (Instrumental)   2:05

Smart Moves 3:

Shake Your Boom Boom 3   2:09

1 Gorilla   2:39

Walk, Walk  2:46

Follow the Leader  33:08

Up & Down   2:16

Oh Silly Jowdilly  2:12

Go Team   2:51

William Tell Overture   1:34

Brush, Wash, Comb, Dress   2:04

Act Like You Are In a Zoo (Upright)  4:13

What Am I (Charades) 3  2:33

It is Monday (Ti-de-o)  1:46

Imagine That 3  3.10

Toss & Catch 3  2:15

So Much I Can Be 3  3:41

The Lazy Cat   3:03

Painting 3  3:22

Time to Rest   2:20

Time to Rest (Instrumental) 2:20

Painting (Instrumental) 3:22

1 Gorilla (Instrumental) 2:39

Walk, Walk (Instrumental) 2:46

Shake a Boom, Boom (Instrumental) 2:09 

Up & Down (Instrumental) 2:16

Oh Silly Jowdilly (Instrumental) 2:12

Brush, Wash, Comb, Dress (Instrumental) 2:04

Follow the Leader (Instrumental) 2:33

Smart Songs 1:

Clap One to the Left

Eight Big Planets

Plant a Seed 

Insect Acts

There are 12 Months a Year

Days of the Week

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Four Seasons

There are 5 Senses

Up and Down Our Bodies

Off to the Doctor

AEIOU  (long vowels)

I Spy (shapes)


Don’t Talk to Strangers  

To Cross a Street

If There is a Fire 

Number Chants (from 1-10)

I Know Spanish  (numbers)

A Counting We Will Go (From 1-100)  

Make Up a Story (About a Boy)   3:09

Smart Songs 2:

It’s Time To Clean

Everybody Has To Potty

Where They Go (Home)

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

I Brush My Teeth

I Go To The Library

We’re Born

Where I Am  

Good Manners

Double Trouble

Animal Acts

A Week Has 7 Days

I Spy (colors)

We Drive a Car

Clap One Far Out


Gather All the Coins

After A Comes B 

AEIOU (short vowels)

I Know Spanish (animals)

A Counting We Will Go (By 5 to 100)

Make Up a Story (About a Girl) 

Smart & Tasty 1:

We Love the Company  1:41

Days Old   2:04

Down, Down Baby   2:04

Farmer’s Market   2:22

Shake, Mix, Pound, Roll  2:29

I Lost My Basket   3:37

Vitamins  1:55

My Favorite Game  2:30

Aloha!   2:24

Wild Vines  2:58

After We Cook   1:37

If I Lived on an Island   2:19

Show Me You Love Me  3:35

What Can I Make?   2:44

What Else Can I Make?  2:44

We Love the Company (Spanish) 1:45

Farmer’s Market (Spanish) 2:23

Days Old (Spanish) 2:03

Down, Down Baby (Spanish) 2:02

Shake, Mix, Pound, Roll (Spanish) 2:05

My Favorite Game (Spanish) 2:29

Lost My Basket (Food Groups) (Spanish) 3:35

Down, Down Baby (Instrumental) 2:02

Shake, Mix, Pound, Roll (Instrumental) 2:29

If I Lived on an Island (Instrumental) 2:19

Wild Vines (Instrumental) 2:59

What Can I Make? (Instrumental)  2:44

Show Me You Love Me (Instrumental) 3:33

Smart & Tasty 2:

Abracadabra   2:55

One Banana  2:42

Corn, It Pops!  1:60

Farmer’s Garden   2:25

Go! Whoa!   2:55

Pour, Whip, Chop, Toss  2:30

Crisscross Applesauce  2:07

We Toss the Apples  1:58

Pizza Time  3:46

We Eat Tortillas   2:13

We Eat Food That’s Hot  1:49

Shout!  2:06

A Rainbow on My Plate  2:05

Peanut Butter Blues  2:20

I’m Feeling Kinda Sick  1:44

Take Me Out to the Drive-Thru  3:07

Escoje Bien (Spanish)  2:00

Abracadabra (Instrumental) 2:48

One Banana (Instrumental) 2:42

Corn it Pops  (Instrumental) 1:55

Go! Whoa!  (Instrumental) 2:55

Crisscross Applesauce (Instrumental) 2:07

Pizza Time  (Instrumental) 3:46

I Eat Food That's Hot  (Instrumental) 1:49

Peanut Butter Blues  (Instrumental) 2:20

Feeling Kinda Sick (Instrumental) 1:44

Smart Start: Birth & Beyond:

Ma, Ma, Ma, Me

My Touch 

You are My Sunshine

You Go Where I Go

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star


Something’s in My Hand


Ten Little Fingers


Here Comes a Zerbert


Here I Go Rolling

See Me Swaying

Your Arms Are Open

Fly, Fly

Toot Toot

Off Goes the Dirty Diaper

Splish Splash

Snuggle Bug

Andante Sentimental (Instrumental) 

You Go Where I Go (Spanish)

Something’s In My Hand (Spanish)

Here Comes a Zerbert (Spanish)

Ten Little Fingers (Spanish)

Reach (Spanish)

Fly, Fly (Spanish)

Your Arms Are Open  (Spanish)

Toot, Toot (Spanish)

Splish Splash  (Spanish)

Snuggle Bug  (Spanish)

Smart Steps for Toddlers:

My Special HELLO Song  1:32

Circle Time   1:08

My Hands, My Hands  1:07

The Cow Goes  1:52

When I am Happy  2:17

Bumpy Road   1:42

Babble, Babble  1:34

We Blow the Bubbles  1:17

The Train Ride  1:32

How Do You Move?  2:02

Colors  1:25

Touch Your Head  1:45

Clap, Jump, Thump  1:55

Come on and Say the Alphabet  :48

Wiggle Your Fingers and Hands  1:23

Big Toe, Little Toe  :56

Bee, Ant, Froggie  1:35

When I Share  2:13

I Brush My Teeth  1:20

The Potty Song   1:29

It’s Time to Say Goodbye  :38

Gentle Breeze  1:19

Hush Little One   2:58

Toddler Math, Moves & Mania:

Maraca Chaka (Four)

Around in a Circle

On Two Feet I Jump

A Bee is Buzzing

The Shape Train

I Can Hold Up 5 Fingers

I’m Swimming in the Water

What Can We Shake

Mountain and Valley

Can You Move Like I Do?

Clap One Time and Say…

My Body Has...

I Can Blink My Eyes

Go Straight

Thump Dee Dump

Sitting on One Seat

I Move

Dance Freeze (Latin Rhythm)

Counting Starts with Number One

An Empty Cup

The Boulder is Heavy

Toddler STEM Songs & Steps:

Who’s Ready?  

Here’s a Ball

This is My Face

My Duck Goes In

Peek-a-Boo, Tee Hee

When I Drum

Shake Things Up

Lift Up, Drop Down 

The Leaves will Grow

Lids, Hammers, Shovels

Squeeze, Shake, Ring, Pound

Crab, Penguin, Turtle

I’m Going to Start Clapping    

I See a Rainbow of Colors 

Two by Two  

Around the River Rocks

Moving at Circle Time 

Baby Bear (alternate version of Baby Shark)

It’s Time to Stop

When I Rest My Body

Smart & Yummy 1:

Does a Pumpkin Pump?

Pull Those Turnips

Can You Do What I Do?

Lemons in the Tree

My Bunny’s Carrots

Rooty Tooty Potato

Kookie Coconut

5 Little Peas

Knock, Knock, Lettuce In

I’m Reaching for the Apples

Balancing in the Garden

I’m Growing

We Wash Up

Boom, Boom Goes the Pot

Wiggle Noodles

This Little Piggy


Jell-O on My Plate

I’m a Little Teapot

I Can Eat By Myself

Down Goes the Spoon

Oh, Dear

Lemons in the Tree (Spanish)

Kookie Coconut (Spanish)

5 Little Peas (Spanish)

I’m Reaching for the Apple (Spanish)

I’m Growing (Spanish)

We Wash Up (Spanish)

Boom, Boom Goes the Pot (Spanish)

Wiggle Noodles (Spanish)

This Little Piggy (Spanish)

Jell-O on My Plate (Spanish)

I Can Eat (Spanish)

Smart & Yummy 2:


Hey, Mango

Two Carrot Sticks

Jack Climbed the Bean Stalk

Baboon Bananas

Peas Cooking Hot 

Stone Soup  

Can You Make a Rainbow  

Melons Roll

Up in the Orchard

Burrito Banditos

Fuzzy Wuzzy Twist 

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Dem Bones

Miss Mary Mack

There’s a Farmer Milking

To Market, To Market

Jell-O Jiggles

Who Stole the Peanuts

I Wash Those Germies 

Come Along

Hey Mango! (Spanish)

Two Carrot Sticks (Spanish)

Peas Cooking Hot (Spanish)

Can You Make a Rainbow (Spanish)

Burritos Banditos (Spanish)

There’s a Farmer Milking (Spanish)

To Market, To Market (Spanish)

Jell-O Jiggles (Spanish)

Come Along (Spanish)


The Big Dinosaur

I Wash My Hands

Dance Freeze - Jamaica

Columpia Tus Brazos (Spanish)

Swing Your Arms

I See a Shadow

I Stretch My Body

Three Balls Make a Snowman

Camina, Marcha, Salta

This One Blew

Counting 1, 2, 3

Let's Go Home Now



Dance with Me (Baila Conmigo)

Baila Conmigo

There's a Froggie Jumping

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