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Qty           Price (ea.)
20,000       $1.40
17,500       $1.45
15,000       $1.50
10,000       $1.55
7500          $1.60
5000          $1.65
4000          $1.75
3000          $1.90
2000          $2.00
1000          $2.20
800-999     $2.30
700-799     $2.40
600-699     $2.60
400-599     $3.40
300-399     $4.50
0-299          $5.50


WIC - Enjoy Physical Activity Breaks

English / Spanish


This DVD is not meant to be watched in its entirety but is meant to encourage everyone to take 2-3 minute physical activity breaks several times a day. Enjoy the dances, get creative, and MOVE! Sponsored by Contra Costa Health Services. The motivational songs use a diverse mix of everyday performers to encourage everyone to eat more nutritious foods, grow foods in the garden, dine together as a family, drink tap water, watch less TV, breastfeed, and get up and be physically active. The video is narrated with menu selections in English or Spanish.

Directed by: Patty Kimbrell, M. Ed. Patty has 5 years experience training WIC parents and staff, including 150 WIC agencies, on how to weave developmentally appropriate physical activities into family and preschool daily routines. Contact Patty directly for physical activity training.

In cooperation with:
- Contra Costa County Comm. Services Dept.
- Contra Costa County Health Services
- FAMILIES Coalition for Activity and Nutrition
- Kaiser Permanente

Running Time: Approx. 30 min.          
UPC: 6-98731-00044-6


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