Did you know you can publish your book on Amazon KDP in as fast as a week for no money down? Whether you are just starting to write a book or you’ve finished one and have no idea where to turn, this book can help get your book launched into the market. It is an overview for writers who want to self-publish a children’s paperback picture book, especially aspiring young writers, and includes quick tips and essential information on publishing topics that are simple and easy to read. It touches on parts of a book, story elements, laying out a book, fonts and text, illustrating, proofing a book, print-on-demand, royalties, uploading to Amazon KDP, and more. Useful templates and story maps are provided to help writers organize their thoughts. You could write an entire book on every aspect of publishing, but this overview will help keep you from getting lost. The sooner you finish your book, the faster you can order one and turn the pages. Let’s do this!

How to Self-Publish a Children's Picture Book using Amazon KDP