Colorful photographs of delicious fruits make this an exploratory experience. Young children can learn to identify fruits and become acquainted with basic STEM terminology and concepts, then expand upon or interpret the terms in different ways. This book is written with minimal text and offers opportunities for observation, scientific discovery, experimentation, and other teachable moments in the garden or the kitchen.


It’s a great addition to any fruit, gardening, harvest, nutrition, food group, or life science theme for parents of young children or preschool and early childhood educators. This is an effective way to get children excited about healthy eating as they identify, learn about, and differentiate between a variety of delicious fruits and their characteristics. Included in this 36-page picture book are fruit facts, a reader’s guide, and suggestions for open-ended inquiry.

Children can interpret some of the concepts using their bodies: take their bodies high, drop them low, make a circle with their arms, make a triangle with their hands, freeze in place, or use everyday objects and physical science experiments to express their understanding of these concepts.

I Spy with My Little Eye: Fruit, An Early Stem Experience