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Follow a thoughtful little girl named Jisel in this heartfelt true story as she discovers there are children less fortunate than she is and embarks on a mission to do something about it. She even convinces her friends and peers to participate in donating new toys or stuffing stockings. This touching tale demonstrates the beauty of kindness, and the incredible impact small acts can have in a community. Young readers can't help but learn, grow, and be inspired to do the same, ignited by the spirit of generosity. This book aims to encourage empathy, creativity, teamwork, and a sense of responsibility in children by demonstrating that no act or person is too small to make a difference. The young characters who help Jisel reflect a rich tapestry of backgrounds, inspiring readers to embrace diversity and inclusion as they embark on their own journeys of giving.


Children often acquire knowledge by observing adults.  They learn to give back to their community when adults set positive examples. Role models can help instill a sense of responsibility, empathy, and compassion in children from a young age. This early exposure to giving back fosters a lifelong commitment to social responsibility and encourages a stronger, more connected community for the future. By participating in volunteer work or community service, children develop a deeper understanding of societal needs and the power they hold to make a positive impact. Engaging in activities that support the community teaches the value of helping others and nurtures essential life skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, and communication.


Foundation/Domain: Social-Emotional Development

32 pages | Size: 10” H x 8” W | Available in English and Spanish, “Regalos de Jisel”


Easy rhymes and repetitive verses are combined with colorful watercolor illustrations highlighted by distinct black-and-white sketches.


Other ways to give back to your community:

  • Emotional support for those left out, lonely, bullied, or hurt
  • Community clean-up of public spaces
  • Food drives for local homeless shelters, missions, churches, food banks, etc.
  • Clothing, toy, or book drives for local shelters, churches, orphanages, etc.
  • Neighborhood free exchange libraries
  • Fundraise for charitable causes
  • Help maintain a community garden
  • Volunteer at a pet shelter
  • Environmental projects, such as planting trees, composting, and recycling
  • Visit the elderly or sick
  • Chores or errands for elderly neighbors or people with disabilities
  • Create care packages for military personnel or the unhoused
  • Thank first responders with notes, gifts, or edible treats
  • Participate in charity events for a cause
  • Educational support as a tutor or mentor


Check Your Books: This book is printed on demand. Please flip through at least one of the books you receive and contact the publisher directly as soon as possible if you have any quality concerns.

Bulk Orders: This title is available in bulk directly from the publisher for early childhood programs, conferences, non-profit initiatives, licensing, or grants that promote empathy, compassion, kindness, volunteerism, community service, service learning, social change, humanitarianism, or charitable work. Contact the publisher directly for quotes, orders, and discounted pricing.

Jisel's Gifts: An Inspiring True Story about Giving Back to the Community

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