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"Around the River Rocks" - Single Song Download

From CD: Toddler & Up STEM Songs and Steps 

by Angela Russ-Ayon |

Music & Movement: Children are prompted to walk around rocks, step on rocks, and jump over rocks.


Earth Science: rocks are solids made up of different materials. | Rocks are natural treasures that are found everywhere in a child’s world and are, in most cases, free for collecting. Children possess a vast amount of intuitive, informal STEM knowledge.  | Children can use rocks for scientific discovery, fine motor exercise, arts and crafts, improving math skills, tracing shapes, numbers, and letters, and much more. | Check out our BLOG for simple STEM articles and suggestions for open-ended inquiry.

SONG: "Around the River Rocks" - Single Download - CD: Toddler + STEM Songs

SKU: TSSS - River Rocks #16
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