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Think OUTSIDE! Simple STEM Orchard and Garden Activities

Updated: Apr 23

Orchards are planted in different patterns with consistent spacing. Show the children real pictures of orchards taken from aerial views and ask them open-ended questions.

What do you notice about this picture?

Why do you you think there are rows?

How do you think the lines got so straight?

How are the lines different / the same?

Why do farmers plant like that?

1.Use cut-out shapes or pictures of vegetables that the children can paste on paper in rows and patterns to make their own orchards.

2. Be an engineer using a limited number of grapes and toothpicks. Alone or in groups, create the tallest structure you can. Discuss the differences. Take apart the structure, wash the grapes, and eat your creation.

3. Plant a seed and mark each phase of growth on your calendar from bean sprout, to stem, to leaf, etc. How long did it take to grow?

4. Scatter fake food across a desk. Work in a groups to find creative ways to move the food from one location to another. Supplies to use for moving could be things like yarn, string, popsicle sticks, tape, and pencils - but the children are not allowed to touch the food with their hands. Have the children share their ideas with each other.

5. Line up popsicle sticks, standing straight up in soil, imitating the planting patterns in an orchard photo. Take colored popsicle sticks, sort, and plant the sticks by color in each plot.

6. Ask children to make rows in the sandbox or soil. Challenge them to

find a way to get water to flow from one end to the other, down the rows.

Making rows in the sandbox.

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